Strengthen Oregon’s Private Sector Economy to Create Jobs

In 2011-12 House Republicans passed measures to incentivize private sector job creation. In 2013 House Republicans will focus on making Oregon’s tax, regulatory and legal environment more competitive to encourage job growth.

• Pass pro-growth tax reforms that promote reinvestment in Oregon companies and workers.
• Offer incentives to small businesses that hire unemployed Oregonians.
• Eliminate regulatory barriers to job creation, and increase transparency and legislative oversight of agency rulemaking.
• Provide equity in liability protection for all Oregon employers.
• Support health care reforms that make private coverage more affordable for Oregonians and small businesses.

Improve Educational Outcomes for Kids, Make Higher Education More Affordable

In 2011-12 House Republicans passed historic education reforms for Oregon students. In 2013, House Republicans will work to protect these reforms, while finding more ways to help school districts. We are also committed to making higher education more affordable.

• Protect and enhance reforms that allow more children to receive an education that meets their unique needs.
• Fund schools first, and pass significant PERS reforms to increase instructional days.
• Provide school districts additional flexibility to find savings in their budgets.
• Create more opportunities for workforce and vocational training.
• Establish a student loan interest deduction program to make college more affordable for students who stay and work in Oregon.

Keep Oregon Families Safe through a Strong Public Safety System

In 2011-12 House Republicans passed additional rights and protections for crime victims, while combatting child pornography and sex trafficking. As the debate shifts to corrections reform, we will partner with law enforcement to keep communities safe.

• Work with Oregon’s law enforcement community to identify solutions for reducing corrections costs, and ensure that all savings remain in the public safety and judicial system.
• Protect sentencing measures that keep violent criminals and sex offenders behind bars.
• Identify innovative solutions, including better mental health care, to assure safety in schools and other public places.

Implement Effective Natural Resource, Land Use and Energy Policies

In 2011-12 House Republicans successfully expanded rural enterprise zones and advanced regional land use planning to promote economic development. In 2013, House Republicans are committed to passing natural resource, land use and energy policies that help create jobs in economically-distressed communities.

• Improve management of state and federal forests, especially in O&C Counties, and promote sustainable harvesting to create more forestry jobs.
• Develop a comprehensive water strategy that increases capacity and delivers resources for more agriculture and food processing jobs.
• Streamline the land use process to encourage commercial and industrial development.
• Establish an energy plan that protects ratepayers and utilizes the state’s abundant sources of renewable energy to reduce rates and attract more employers to Oregon.

Reform State Government and Hold Salem Accountable for Oregon’s Taxpayers

In 2011-12 House Republicans cut state spending and helped pass a balanced budget that didn’t raise taxes. In 2013 we will call for the same approach, including significant budgetary reserves to protect services and major spending reforms to reduce costs for taxpayers.

• Implement spending reforms, eliminate non-essential spending and force agencies to justify fee increases.
• Maintain healthy reserve funds to stabilize Oregon’s finances and prevent cuts to essential services.
• Reduce the PERS unfunded liability and pass reforms that limit rate increases on governments and school districts.
• Keep state personnel costs, including increases in compensation and benefits, in line with the private sector.
• Investigate fraud and abuse of state services.

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