Mission Statement
Our mission is to build a better Oregon by restoring trust in and returning balance to State Government.

Vision Statement
To renew Oregon’s Pioneer spirit by empowering people to innovate, thrive and succeed.

Values Statement
As Members of the Oregon House Republicans, we hold these values as our guiding principles
Loyalty  |  Respect  |  Trust
Accountability  |  Leadership
Confidence  |  Boldness  |  Passion
Unity… Working together in confidence.

We are people who stand by our principles. We are approachable – and beyond reproach. Additionally, we strive to be skillful communicators, respectful of all voices and opinions, serving the people of Oregon with honesty.

Building Blocks to a Better Oregon
Job Creation
We must respect industry, commerce and business;  for they are the engines that keep Oregonians employed and sustain our economic vitality. We must encourage opportunity, efficiency and prosperity.

We must prioritize spending and balance budgets within limits given, for every dollar in the state treasury is only available because of another individual’s hard work. Waste of taxpayers’ hard earned dollars is unacceptable.

Personal Responsibility
We must foster a strong sense of hard work and individual responsibility based on moral and ethical choices, for communities are only as strong as individuals seek to make them. Government should encourage – not discourage – personal responsibility.

Public Safety
We must stregntehn our criminal justive system, for it is the backbone of safe communities and our overall security. Citizens have the right to expect a safe place in which to raise their kids and build a life.

We must give our children the tools and skills needed to be successful, for they will always be the future of Oregon. Education must be funded responsibly so that dollars are kept in the classroom.

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